Advertising Tips

Advertising Tips
Are You a first timer? Looking for help how to write effective newspaper advertisement and get maximum leverage from it?

Let us assure you are not alone, every single person who places an advertisement faces the same question. As a customer friendly organization, we believe in helping our customers and readers to learn how to write an effective advertisement.

We have gathered some information and presented it below in easy to understand manner. We would also like to remind you that if you wish to place your advertisement with us we would be more than happy to provide you with free consultation and advertisement designing services, to know about more benefits of using

What are the main ingredients of a GOOD Advertisement?
Following are the ingredients of any good classified ad –
• Attention
• Interest
• Desire
• Action
Important points to remember while writing your advertisements:
Please remember to provide the following information in your advertisements to make it most effective:

Matrimonial Advertisements:
• Religion / Cast
• Manglik (Yes/No)
• Age & Height
• Income
• Qualification
• Occupation
• Personal info about Bride / Groom : Viz. Skin colour, health, personality, family background.
• Horoscope required (Yes/No)
• Box No. required (Yes / No)
Recruitment Advertisements:
• Job Profile
• Qualification
• Experience
• Salary
• Industry
• Contact Info
Property Advertisements:
• Sale / Rent / Lease
• Location
• Rooms / Bedrooms
• Drawing / Dining
• Courtyard / Lobby / Terrace / Open space
• Parking space
• Bathrooms
• Premises Amenities
• Geographical Location (Viz. North facing, park facing, corner etc.)
• Rent / Price
• Contact info
Vehicle Advertisements:
• Buy / sale
• Make
• Model
• Type – Car / Jeep / Truck / 2-wheeler
• Condition
• Price
• Color
• Seating capacity
• Mileage
• Petrol / Diesel / CNG
• AC / Non AC
• Stereo (Yes / No)
• Contact info