K. D. Vasishtha

A highly qualified and recognized personality in media and advertising circles of India, with over three decades of experience, K. D. Vasishtha has been the guiding inspiration behind the growth of Puneet Advertising & Media. At a very young age he promoted his own Advertising Agency, which had revolutionized the concept of advertising. He displayed rare business acumen and left his indelible mark in outdoor advertising in Delhi and many other parts of the country. He enjoys good connection and rapport in political circle and in glamour world. He has high credibility in the industry thanks to his business ethics.

Mr. K. D. Vasishtha has been the Asst. General Manager in a public Sector Undertaking since last 30 years. H adopted the principles of transparency and ethical conduct. In his opinion sincerity, hard work and passion are the corner stones for achieving success in life. These virtues are showcased in his thoughts and deeds. His principles noble thoughts and dedication to social responsibilities are the bedrocks of all our actions.